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Whether you’re looking for a unique or quirky gift, a clock from Seiko, Wm. Widdop, Acctim and more, many on special offer, we are sure to have something to suit. Please take the time to browse our popular products below.

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We have wall clocks by Seiko, Radio-Controlled clocks by Precision, mantel clocks by Wm. Widdop, and many more, some on special offer.

We also have a whole host of other products to choose from, so have a browse.

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Our shop is located on the historic main High Street of Shaftesbury, Dorset, UK. We are always happy to serve personal callers to our shop as well as our internet clients. The shop has been established since 1967, and the current owner, Mr. Hodson, took over in 1982. He is the longest-serving shopkeeper in Shaftesbury.

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Radio Controlled Explained

Have you ever wondered what is a radio-controlled clock, and how it works? Find out exactly that in our handy guide!

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Get FREE Postage on ALL Orders Over £35.

Standard postage is only £2.95