Radio Controlled LCD Digital Projection Alarm Clock Mains or battery

Radio Controlled Digital Projection Alarm Clock Mains or Battery LCD Coloured Backlight


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In stock


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Product Details

  • Mains or Battery Operated
  • 100% Accurate
  • Accurate to 1 second in 10 thousand years!
  • Optional Project The Time On To The Ceiling
  • Automatic resetting to Summer / Winter time
  • Day, Month, Date, Display
  • Temperature Display
  • Snooze Function
  • 7 Colour Backlight Option
  • Works on Mains or Battery
  • New & Boxed
  • Instruction Manual
  • Dimensions: 9cm x 7.5cm x 8cm

The Precision Mains/Battery Radio Controlled Digital Alarm is a sophisticated alarm clock designed to offer precision timekeeping and convenience. Encased in a sleek black housing, this alarm clock boasts advanced features to enhance your waking experience.

Key features include:

Radio Control: The clock is synchronized with the atomic time signal for utmost accuracy, ensuring that you’re always on time.

Dual Power Options: You can power the clock either through the included mains adapter or with 3 AAA batteries (not included), offering flexibility in usage.

Projection Function: A standout feature is the option to project the time onto the ceiling, allowing for easy viewing from anywhere in the room.

Multicolor Backlight: With seven different background colours to choose from, you can customize the display to suit your preference. The backlight can be set to remain on continuously when connected to mains power or activated with a push button when running on batteries.

Comprehensive Display: In addition to the time, this alarm clock also displays the temperature, day, date, and month, providing all the essential information at a glance.

Alarm and Snooze: The clock features a reliable alarm with a bleeping sound and a convenient snooze button for those extra few minutes of rest. You can also manually set the alarm according to your schedule.

The alarm clock comes brand new in its original packaging, complete with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee, ensuring peace of mind regarding its quality and durability.

Overall, the Precision Mains/Battery Radio Controlled Digital Alarm combines functionality, style, and reliability, making it an ideal addition to any bedroom or workspace. Whether you prefer mains power or battery operation, this alarm clock delivers accurate timekeeping and a range of convenient features to streamline your daily routine.