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Large Snowy Owl & Chicks In Tree

Snowy Owl and Chicks In Tree Figure by Naturecraft

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Product Details

Large Snowy Owl With Chicks Figure

Part of the Naturecraft Collection

Owl & Chicks Figurine

On Snow Effect Hollow Tree

28cm High

Introducing the captivating “Snowy Haven” sculpture, a mesmerizing addition to any collector’s showcase. This remarkable piece features a majestic Snowy Owl tenderly watching over her two precious chicks nestled within a snowy hollowed-out tree. Meticulously crafted from premium resin, each detail is hand-painted to perfection, ensuring a lifelike portrayal that captures the essence of nature’s pristine beauty. Standing at an impressive height of 28cm, this sculpture commands attention with its intricate design and emotive storytelling.

A true masterpiece that embodies the magic of the natural world.