Galileo Thermometer 33cm High

33cm boxed multi colour quality Galileo Thermometer


In stock

In stock


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Product Details

  • Hand blown glass
  • 33cm High
  • Quality made Galileo
  • 5 Coloured glass spheres
  • Brass temperature tags
  • Secure Plain Packaging

Quality Coloured Galileo Thermometer

The 5 sphere multi-coloured Galileo thermometer is an enchanting and functional piece that captivates both children and adults, doubling as an exquisite decorative piece. Comprising small glass vessels of diverse densities, these spheres gracefully rise  & fall within the glass cylinder, providing a visual representation of the temperature changes throughout the day.

The vibrant coloured spheres respond dynamically to temperature fluctuations, either ascending or descending within the cylinder, creating an engaging and educational visual indicator of the surrounding temperature.

Beyond its functionality, this item is a stunning decorative addition to any space, blending aesthetics with functionality. Its design and functionality make it an exceptional and thoughtful gift choice, particularly for individuals who may be challenging to find gifts for. Packaged in a craft brown box, it arrives ready to delight and surprise recipients with its beauty and practicality.